HSTC Data set logging

Use data set logging to record transient event information such as peak voltage magnitude and duration.

This feature also provides summary information such as volts-seconds stress accumulations for each phase and total unique transient events.

Each time the HSTC trigger criteria are met, the meter performs a set of calculations for each voltage phase:

HSTC Data set Event based analytics:
  • Peak voltage amplitude

  • Rise time

  • Duration

  • Voltage stress (volt-seconds)

  • Average voltage

  • Timestamps

HSTC Summary Event accumulations and statistics:
  • Total number of transient events on voltage phases V1–V4

  • Total number of unique events

  • Date and time of the last transient event counter reset

  • Accumulated voltage stress (volt-seconds) for voltage phases V1–V4

  • Date and time of the last voltage stress accumulations reset

  • Total number of transient events grouped by peak magnitude and duration. There are a total of nine bins:

    • Magnitude 1/Duration 1

    • Magnitude 1/Duration 2

    • Magnitude 1/Duration 3

    • Magnitude 2/Duration 1

    • Magnitude 2/Duration 2

    • Magnitude 2/Duration 3

    • Magnitude 3/Duration 1

    • Magnitude 3/Duration 2

    • Magnitude 3/Duration 3

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