HSTC Overview

The high-speed transient capture (HSTC) feature is available on the ION9000T (METSEION95030 and METSEION95040).

The ION9000T meter is equipped with firmware and frameworks that enable the HSTC feature.

The ION9000T continuously monitors incoming voltage signals. In addition to standard transient monitoring, the ION9000T detects sub-microsecond high-voltage transients up to a peak voltage of 10 kV.

The default HSTC related settings suit most applications. Use the default settings or make changes based on your system needs.

Use the HSTC feature to:

  • Expand power quality event detection capabilities when combined with standard transient capture.

  • Record pre-event data to see the characteristics of the incoming voltage signal before the disturbance.

  • Receive alarm notifications when a transient has been detected.

  • Chart waveforms to better understand the transient event. For example, peak magnitude, duration and initial polarity of the transient.

  • Record statistics, such as voltage stress, to provide an indication of cumulative impact to loads within the electrical system.

  • Sort voltage transients by peak magnitude and duration.

  • Quantify transients on a per phase basis.

  • Detect and characterize transients to create mitigation strategies.

Refer to the ION Reference document at www.se.com for information about the HSTC, HSTC waveform recorder and Data set recorder modules.

Go to www.se.com and search for “An Overview of Transients in Power Systems” for information on transients and their effects in electrical power systems.

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