Set up HSTC

HSTC alarms are disabled by default. The HSTC feature is enabled when HSTC alarms are enabled.

HSTC related settings, such as magnitude and duration thresholds, are pre-configured at the factory. Use the default settings or make changes based on your system needs.

Review and configure the settings for the following functions before enabling the HSTC feature:

  • HSTC alarms.

  • HSTC logging.

HSTC alarms

Use HSTC alarms to notify you when a specific condition is met, such as a voltage transient that exceeds a defined magnitude threshold.

HSTC alarms are included in the ION9000 series alarm system and are shown in the meter’s Historical Alarm screen(s).

Default HSTC alarm settings

Setup Register Value/Range Default
HSTC Alarm status Disabled, Enabled Disabled
Voltage Reference Ve, Vn Ve
Magnitude Threshold (VRMS) 120–7100 1000
Duration Threshold (μs) 0–250.0 0
Alarm Priority None, Info Only, Low, Medium, High High
Custom Priority 0–255 192

To use HSTC alarms, perform the following:

  • Enable HSTC alarms.

  • Configure HSTC alarms.

    • Set the voltage reference.

    • Set the peak magnitude threshold and duration threshold.

    • Assign alarm priority.

    • Set a custom alarm priority.

  • View and acknowledge alarms.

See “Alarms and alerts” for additional information about the ION9000 series alarms.

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