Option modules

Option modules are ordered separately from your meter, and can be connected to your meter without specialized equipment.

Option modules are identified based on how they are physically connected to the meter’s external I/O bus.

The first connected module, attached directly to the meter, is Module A. The second module, attached to Module A, is Module B. The meter supports up to four external modules:

Option modules are monitored and controlled by the meter’s ION modules. External I/O modules are mapped to the corresponding ION modules:

Option module physical position ION module mapping
Module A to Module D Port A to Port D
Option module terminal connector label ION module mapping
Analog inputs A1 to A(n) Analog Input module A1 to A(n)
Analog outputs Q1 to Q(n) Analog Output module Q1 to Q(n)
Digital inputs S1 to S(n) Digital Input module S1 to S(n)
Digital/relay outputs R1 to R(n) Digital Output module R1 to R(n)
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