Calculate your maximum kWh/pulse (pulse weight) value

To calculate the kWh/pulse (pulse weight) value, divide the highest kW value you can expect by the required pulse rate.

Make sure the required pulse rate does not exceed the maximum pulse rate for the digital output.

NOTE: To convert from kWh/pulse to pulse/kWh you must invert (take the reciprocal) of the value. For example, 1.8 kWh/pulse becomes 0.556 pulse/kWh.

Example pulse weight calculation

For a maximum load of 1600 kW and a pulse rate of two pulses per second, calculate the kWh/pulse value as follows:

  1. Convert 1600 kW load into kWh/second:

    • (1600 kW)*(1hr) = 1600 kWh
    • (1600 kWh)/(3600 sec) = (X kWh)/(1sec)
    • X = 0.444 kWh/sec

  2. Calculate the kWh required per pulse:

    • (0.444 kWh/sec)/(2 pulses per second) = 0.222 kWh/pulse

  3. If using KYZ Output Mode, adjust for the KY giving one pulse per two transitions if necessary.

    • (0.222 kWh/pulse)/(2) = 0.111 kWh/pulse

See the ION Reference, available from www.se.com for detailed information about the Calibration Pulser module.

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