Input/output ION modules

ION modules are used to configure your meter’s digital or analog inputs/outputs (I/O).

You need to configure the following ION modules in order to use the meter’s digital or analog I/O.

  • Digital input: uses the Digital Input module, which tells the meter how to interpret incoming signals.

  • Digital output: uses one of three ION modules depending on the application.

    • Digital Output module: monitors a change of state to control relay operation via a hardware output device.

    • Pulser module: transfers high-speed pulses to a hardware pulse counting device that is used to track energy usage.

    • Calibration Pulser module: integrates instantaneous power inputs, then outputs high-speed pulses to an LED that can be monitored for energy accuracy verification.

  • Analog input: uses the Analog Input module, which tells the meter how to interpret an incoming analog voltage or current signal from transducers.

  • Analog output: uses the Analog Output module to deliver a continuous direct voltage or current analog signal to transducers.

NOTE: All of these modules can act as intermediaries between the physical hardware port and the other modules in the meter. They define the characteristics of the incoming and outgoing signals.

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