Firmware and templates overview

Firmware is the meter’s operating system that enables the functions of your meter.

You can view the firmware version on the display, webpages and through ION Setup. The firmware includes a digital signature which helps ensure the authenticity of the firmware.

The meter template defines features such as power measurement and analyzing functionality. Your meter ships from the factory with a default template, or you can customize the template to create features specific to your application.

You can upload different firmware versions and templates. When new firmware is available you can upgrade to the latest version to get added features and functionality. You must load a meter template as part of the firmware upgrade process. Save your meter’s existing template before performing a firmware upgrade and then reload it back onto the meter if you do not want to change your meter’s template.

Firmware updates and new factory templates are available for download from www.schneider-electric.com.

The remote display and options modules use firmware information from the meter, but may also need to have their internal firmware updated to support new or improved features. To update the remote display or option module firmware you need to copy the file onto your meter’s internal SFTP site. Go to www.schneider-electric.com to download firmware files.

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