Test mode

Test mode is typically used for verifying meter functions.

The meter is usually reading data from a test power supply while function verification is performed.

The values shown in the test mode display screens represent different accumulators than those shown in norm or alt mode (although they perform some of the same basic measurements). The test mode display values are for accuracy checking purposes; they only accumulate while the meter is in test mode.

You can create custom test mode screens and modify the existing test mode screens.

NOTE: You cannot place revenue-locked meters into test mode.

Several things to note about test mode:

  • All of the billing quantities that are recorded when the meter is in Normal mode stop accumulating when the meter is switched to test mode – the data is sent to special test mode registers instead.

  • The values accumulated in these test registers are displayed on the test mode displays and in ION Setup.

  • The regular normal mode billing registers are unaffected while the meter is in test mode; accumulation of this data continues as soon as you exit test mode.

  • All test registers are reset to zero when you exit test mode.

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