Power quality

Your meter monitors the voltage channels, detects and records power quality events.

The meter measures and records:

  • Sag/swells: ITIC/CBEMA and SEMI curves

  • Transients: 20 microseconds or longer in duration on any voltage channel

Power quality standards compliance:

  • EN50160, including Flicker

  • IEC 61000-4-30 Class A

  • IEEE 519

The meter supports advanced power quality features:

  • Disturbance Direction Detection: the meter can capture sag/swell and transient disturbances, analyze the information and determine the direction of the disturbance relative to the meter. Determining the source of a disturbance more quickly and accurately helps prevent repeat occurrences and minimize facility downtime.

  • COMTRADE: the meter can save waveform data in COMmon format for TRAnsient Data Exchange (COMTRADE) format, which is available for download using an SFTP client application. This is intended for use in conjunction with IEC 61850.

  • Setpoint learning: You can configure your meter to learn certain disturbance-related values, such as what constitutes a sag, swell, transient, or high or low setpoint.

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