ION9000 series

The ION9000 series advanced energy and power quality meter helps meet the needs of your energy management, power management, and cost management applications within your EcoStruxure™ Power architecture.

ION9000 series revenue-accurate meters comply to international metering standards. The meters feature flexible ION programmability that enhances functionality through customization by loading specialized frameworks. You can add optional modules and incorporate mounting accessories into the physical installation to meet a variety of installation and application needs.

Measurement accuracy

Third-party international standards-certified:

  • Class 0,1S for energy

  • Power Quality Instrument – Class A (PQI-A) for all normative IEC 61000-4-30 power quality metrics

  • IEC 62053-22, -23, -24 and ANSI C12.20

Power quality

Third-party international standards-certified:

  • IEC 62586-1

    : Power quality instruments (PQI)
    , IEC 62586-2
    : Functional tests and uncertainty requirements

    , and IEC 61000-4-30
    : EMC testing and measurement techniques
  • EN 50160, including flicker monitoring

  • IEEE 519

    : Harmonic control in electric power systems

Root cause analysis and sequence-of-events support

  • Disturbance Direction Detection

  • High-speed RMS data capture with pre and post event records

  • Extended waveform capture

  • Time quality flag

    to determine time accuracy with
    for GPS or PTP time sources

  • Time synchronization to 1 ms accuracy

  • High-speed voltage transient capture with 10 Mhz sampling rate (ION9000T only)


  • Meter security with multiple users and access levels

  • Total control for each communications port and protocol, including protocol lockout

  • Secure webpages (HTTPS)

  • Support for meter event logging to a remote server (syslog)

Account management

If your meter’s user access information is lost, you must return the meter to the factory, where your meter is reset to its factory defaults and all logged data is lost.

Data Loss
Record your device's user and password information in a secure location.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage.

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