COMTRADE implementation overview

COMTRADE is configured as part of the default waveform recording framework.

COMTRADE records are generated for sag/swell events. Configure your meter nominal voltages to enable waveform recording. COMTRADE records are stored as read-only files on your meter’s internal SFTP site, and are deleted when you perform a Master reset of the meter, upgrade firmware or make changes to the waveform recorders.

By default:

  • The meter is configured so COMTRADE records are generated for the default waveform recorders.

    NOTE: If you add additional waveform recorders and you want COMTRADE files generated for these new recorders, you need to configure a new COMTRADE module using ION Setup Advanced mode. You can configure up to three COMTRADE modules.
  • The oldest COMTRADE record is overwritten by the newest record when the COMTRADE depth is exceeded.

NOTE: COMTRADE files can only be downloaded using an Ethernet connection. They cannot be downloaded using serial, modem or Ethernet gateway connections.

See the COMTRADE and ION technology technical note, available from www.se.com, for detailed information about COMTRADE file formats and implementation.

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