Power quality configuration

Use ION Setup to configure sag/swell, transient and advanced power quality logging.

NOTE: For waveform recording to trigger automatically, enter your system’s nominal (normal) voltage and current values and the amount of deviation from the nominal that is considered a sag or a swell using the Metering > Basic or Alarming screen
NOTE: Changing your meter’s data logging (including burst data logging) and waveform recording configuration clears your meter’s existing data logs, waveform records and COMTRADE waveform files.
Before setting up the PQ parameters, make sure the meter has been configured correctly:
  • metering parameters such as volts mode and PT/CT ratios

  • time sync settings, for integrating the meter in an energy management system such as EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert

  • nominal system parameters (nominal volts, nominal current and nominal frequency), for detecting power quality events

  • amount of deviation from the nominal that is considered a sag or swell

    (configured through the Alarming setup assistant)

Make sure you understand:

  • the structure of the meter’s logging framework

  • the meter’s existing logging configuration

  • your data logging requirements

Changing the meter’s data recorder and waveform recorder configuration clears existing data and waveforms in those recorders.

Data Loss
Ensure that all important data and waveforms have been recorded before configuring the data and waveform recorders.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in data loss.

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