Time overview

Your meter’s internal clock is used for keeping time, timestamping data and determining intervals for time-based measurements.

Local meter time is displayed based on the meter’s time sync source and the settings used for timezone and daylight savings time. You can configure and view your meter’s date and time information through software such as ION Setup or through the meter display.

Your meter monitors time using the frequency of an internal oscillator or the frequency of the line power being measured. Your meter’s battery powers the internal clock so that time is maintained when the meter is unpowered

Your meter supports different time types and time synchronization methods to adjust its internal clock. To improve your meter clock’s accuracy, you can use an external time reference such as a Global Positioning System (GPS) signal, Network Time Protocol (SNTP/NTP) server or Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Master.

Go to www.se.com and download the Time synchronization and timekeeping technical note for more information about time formats and settings and the ION Reference for a detailed description of the Clock module and its operation.

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