Calculate the number of required pulses

The reference test equipment typically requires you to specify the number of pulses required for a test duration of “t” seconds.

Normally, the number of pulses required is at least 25 pulses, and the test duration is greater than 30 seconds.

Use the following formula to calculate the required number of pulses:

Ne Number of metering elements used
V Test point voltage in line-to-neutral volts (V) per phase
I Test point current in amps (A) per phase
t Test duration in seconds (s) which must be longer than 30 seconds
PF Power factor
Kt Pulse constant programmed in the meter under test in Wh/pulse
Round up the result of the calculation to the nearest integer number of pulses.

Calculation for number of required pulses

This example calculates the number of pulses required for an inductive load 3-phase test point with a test duration of 60s; the source is configured to use V = 120V, I = 5A, PF = -0.5; the pulse constant of the meter under test is Kt = 1.8 Wh/pulse.

Round the number up to the nearest integer: Number of pulses = 9

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