Alt mode data display screens

Your meter’s alt mode display screens show measured and calculated information about the power system being monitored.
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NOTE: Minimum, maximum (peak), average and time of use (TOU) values are typically accessed by pressing More to open a list of additional screens.
Menu Menu screens Content
Summary Summary Power system summary.
Alarms Active alarms, historical alarms Active and historical alarms can be viewed and acknowledged.
Basic readings Voltage, current, frequency
  • Power system voltage (line-to-line or line-to-neutral), current and frequency values.

  • Average, minimum and maximum values are also provided.

Power Power summary, demand, power factor
  • Per-phase and total kW, kVAR and kVA values, along with minimum and maximum values.

  • Delivered and received demand values including peak demand.

  • Per-phase and total power factor along with minimum and maximum values.

Energy Energy Energy delivered-received, delivered and received.
Events Events Meter event log entries listing and details.
Power quality EN50160, harmonics, phasors
  • EN50160 values.

  • Voltage and current harmonics, with individual and total harmonic values.

  • Phasor diagram with magnitude and angle values.

Inputs/outputs Digital inputs, digital outputs, analog inputs, analog outputs Digital and analog I/O values and counts.
Nameplate Nameplate
  • Meter model, serial number, firmware version and feature set.

  • Owner and tag information.

  • RMD serial number and firmware version.

  • Demand configuration values.

Custom screens Custom screens.
Normal Display Mode Access to the display mode selection screen.
Setup Menu Access to the setup menu screens.
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