Meter models and accessories

Commercial references for the ION9000 series meter and accessories.

Commercial reference Description



ION9000 series meter



ION9000 series meter with RD192 remote display

METSEION95030 ION9000T series meter

ION9000T series meter with RD192 remote display

METSERD192 RD192 192 x 192 mm remote display with ION9000 series back-to-back adapter and 1/4 DIN (92 x 92 mm) panel cutout mounting adapter
METSEPM89RD96 PM89RD96 92 x 92 mm remote display with 1/4 DIN (92 x 92 mm) panel cutout mounting adapter
METSEPM89M2600 Digital I/O option module (2 outputs, 6 inputs)
METSEPM89M0024 Analog I/O option module (2 outputs, 4 inputs)
METSE9B2BMA ION9000 series back-to-back adapter
METSE9HWK ION9000 series replacement hardware connectors and terminal covers
METSE9USBK RD192 replacement USB cover
METSERD192HWK RD192 replacement hardware kit
METSECAB10 Remote display cable, 10 m

Refer to your meter’s catalog pages, available from www.schneider-electric.com, for updated information on meter types and accessories.

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