Setting up Advanced security

Meter security has strong user login and privilege management and password complexity.
Security capability Description
User credentials and password robustness Use a single account to access the meter with a numeric password for login.
Use multiple user accounts with alphanumeric passwords for login and configuration changes.
Password strength feedback using ION Setup.
User account lockouts and timeouts Define user account lockout criteria after unsuccessful login attempts and define session timeout length.
User privileges User accounts with variable permissions to read access, test mode or configuration privileges.
Webpages Disable or enable webpages for viewing meter data online using a web browser (Web Server).

Disable or enable ability to configure the meter using:

  • Modbus communications programming or allow read-only viewing.

  • The Display.

  • Meter webpages (Web Server programming).

Disable and enable time synchronization.
Password required for broadcast time synchronization configuration changes using the display or communication protocols.
Cybersecurity event logs and reports Set-up cybersecurity event logs and alarms using event priorities.

Required for this procedure:

  • Meter connection using ION Setup.

  • Login credentials.

  • Security configuration access privileges.

  1. Open ION Setup > select the meter > Setup Assistant.
  2. Security > Security Mode > Edit. The Open Security Configuration file dialog box opens.
  3. Select the default advanced.scf security configuration file.
  4. Click Open. If prompted, click Yes to use Advanced security.
  5. On the Security Options dialog box:
    • Select or clear Web Server to enable or disable the ability to view meter settings online using webpages.
    • Select or clear Allow Web Server programming to enable or disable the ability to change meter settings using webpages.
    • Select or clear Allow Front Panel programming to enable or disable the ability to change meter settings using the display.
    • Select from the Modbus Access drop-down list:
      • None – Disables built-in Modbus map access.

      • Read/Write – Enables configuration of basic metering parameters using only Modbus communications protocol.

      • Read Only – Enables ability to read metering parameters using only Modbus communications protocol. This option is enabled by default.

  6. Click Next to go through Setup Assistant screens and select the security options you want.
    If an option is grayed out, it is not available with your meter type or firmware.
  7. Click Finish. A Confirmation message box opens.
  8. Click Yes. The Save As dialog box opens.
  9. Save the file with a unique file name to avoid overwriting default Security Configuration Files.
  10. Click Exit.
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