Disabling and enabling alarms using the display

You can disable alarms using the display when you are performing maintenance tasks on your system and want to prevent nuisance alarms.
NOTE: To stop an alarm from being displayed without impacting other metering features, set the alarm priority to Info Only.
  1. Press the Home button on the display.
  2. Navigate to Setup Menu > Alarm Setup.
  3. Press Select.
  4. Press Edit. Enter your meter’s password, if prompted.
  5. Press the up or down icons to navigate alarms. A gray bar appears behind the active selection.
  6. To select the item(s) press Select for Enable/Disable.
  7. Press Select to accept the change.
  8. Press Select to confirm.
  9. Complete the system maintenance tasks.
  10. Enable the alarms you disabled.
    Related topics • See “Setting up your meter using the display” on page 34 for instructions on how to navigate and use your meter’s display.
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