Implementing transient learning using ION Setup

You can use ION Setup to implement voltage transient learning, which analyzes your power system and recommends settings.
NOTE: Your meter’s power system must be stable in order to learn valid transient thresholds.
  1. Start ION Setup.
  2. Open the Setup Assistant for your meter.
  3. Navigate to Alarming > Transient.
  4. Select Transient/Waveshape and click Learn.

    The Global Setpoint Learning screen is displayed.

  5. Click Setup.

    The Alarm Learning Setup screen is displayed.

  6. Configure the transient threshold learning parameters and click Save.
  7. Click Start to begin transient learning.
    • Learning status and time remaining are indicated in the Learning Status box.
    • Click Abort to stop transient learning.
  8. Apply the learned values.
    • Automatic: the threshold is automatically applied unless there are issues with the learning process.
    • Manual: navigate to Alarming > Transient. Select Transient/Waveshape and click Learn. Click Install to apply the learned values.
    NOTE: If you click Install while learning is in progress (in either manual or automatic installation mode), it stops the learning process and prompts you for confirmation that you want to stop learning and install the learned limits. Once you have confirmed, the learned values are automatically installed or prepared for manual installation.

    Transient learning parameters

    Parameter Value/Range Description
    Install mode Automatic, Manual

    • Automatic: the learned values are automatically applied.

    • Manual: the learned values are stored for you to review and enter.

    Duration 1–365 Days for maximum learning duration.
    Related topics • See “Setpoint learning overview” on page 137 for more information about setpoint learning, including sag/swell learning.
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