Configuring basic Ethernet settings using ION Setup

You can configure your device’s basic Ethernet settings using ION Setup.
  1. Start ION Setup.
  2. Open the Setup Assistant for your device.
  3. Select Communications > Basic Ethernet and click the TCP/IP tab.
  4. Select a setting and then click Edit.
    NOTE: Contact your network system administrator for the appropriate values.

    General Ethernet settings available using ION Setup

    Parameter Value Description

    Ethernet device name


    This name is associated with your meter when using DPWS.

    By default, it is the meter type and the last 6 characters of its MAC address.

    Rx timeout


    Specifies the number of seconds the meter waits for communication acknowledgments.

    Modbus TCP Timeout


    Specify number of seconds the meter waits before disconnecting an idle Modbus TCP connection.

    Modbus Gateway 1


    COM1 (CM1 Protocol)

    COM4 (CM4 Protocol)

    Specify the port on which Modbus Gateway sends/receives Modbus TCP requests.

    For Modbus Gateway to function properly, the serial port protocol must be set to Modbus Master. For example, change CM1 Protocol from factory to modbus master.

    MAC address


    The media access control (MAC) address is factory set and is for reference only.

    1 Modbus Gateway is supported only on one serial port at any given time.

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