Creating an Ethernet gateway site using ION Setup

You can create an EtherGate or Modbus gateway site in ION Setup to view serial devices connected to your meter when it is functioning as an Ethernet gateway.

You must have Ethernet gateway communications configured and your gateway and serial devices connected and communicating.

  1. Start ION Setup.
  2. Right-click on your workstation icon and select Insert Item.
    The New Network Item dialog appears.
  3. Select Site and click OK.
    The New Site dialog appears.
  4. Select the General tab and configure the site.
    Parameter Values/Options Description
    Name - Ethernet gateway site name
    Comm Link Ethernet Ethernet communications
    Ethernet options Gateway Ethernet gateway communications
    Gateway Info: IP Addr - IP address of the Ethernet gateway meter
    Gateway Info: Port 7801, 7802, 502
    • 7801 for EtherGate (Com1)

    • 7802 for EtherGate (Com4)

    • 502 for Modbus gateway

  5. Click OK to create the site.
  6. Right-click on your newly created site and select Insert Item.
    The New Network Item dialog appears.
  7. Ensure the new Ethernet gateway site is selected in the Attach to drop-down list box.
  8. Select Device and click OK.
    The New Device dialog appears.
  9. Enter the details of your serial device. Click OK to add the serial device to your Ethernet gateway site.
  10. Repeat for all the serial devices on the gateway meter.
    NOTE: Use a separate standard Ethernet connection in ION Setup to connect to and read data from your Ethernet gateway meter.
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