Enabling IEC 61850 functionality

Your meter is configured with a default set of data available to IEC 61850 that can be integrated into a IEC 61850 system. To enable this functionality, upload a CID (Configured IED Description) file to your meter.

If more than one CID file is stored in the meter, IEC 61850 functionality is deactivated until additional files are deleted.

Required for this procedure:

  • CET850 IEC 61850 configuration tool installed on your computer

    . Download the software at www.se.com.
  • Meter connection using ION Setup over IPv4 Ethernet.

  • Download the firmware package for your meter and select an ICD (IED Capability Description) file that matches your meter’s profile. Go to www.se.com and search for firmware and associated files (ZIP) for your meter.

To enable IEC 61850 functionality:
  1. Open the CET850 IEC 61850 configuration tool.
  2. File > New.
  3. Add > IED. The Add IED dialog box opens.
  4. Click the more options ... button in the IED identification area. The Add a Device dialog box opens.
  5. Select Other device.
  6. Click the more options ... button.
  7. Browse to the location of the ICD file, select it and click Open.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Enter values for the device in the IED dialog box and click OK.
  10. File > Build a CID file.
  11. Click Yes on the CET850 message box.
  12. Save the file as an SCD file. The Save as dialog box opens.
  13. Ensure CID files (*cid) is selected and click Save.
  14. Close the CET850 IEC 61850 configuration tool.
  15. Open ION Setup > select the meter > Setup Assistant.
    NOTE: The CID file can also be uploaded using SFTP. Refer to “SFTP folders and file permissions” for more information.
  16. Communications folder > 3rd Party Protocols > IEC 61850 > Upload CID.
  17. Navigate to the CID file, select it and click Open. CID file validation can take several minutes.
    The CID status on the IEC 61850 tab indicates if the meter is operating as an IEC 61850 IED or server.
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