Restoring default security configuration

Required for this procedure:

  • Meter connection using ION Setup.

  • Login credentials.

data loss
Record your device's user and password information in a secure location.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage.
  1. Open ION Setup > select the meter > Setup Assistant.
  2. Security > Security Mode > Edit. The Open Security Configuration file dialog box opens.
  3. Select the standard.scf and click Open.
  4. Enter 0 for the Meter password. This returns the meter password to its factory default of 0.
  5. Click Next. The ION Setup dialog box opens.
  6. Click Yes to confirm use of the default password.
  7. Click Finish. The Confirmation message box opens.
  8. Click No.
  9. Click Exit.
  10. Ctrl + click on the meter to select it. This switches ION Setup to Advanced mode.
  11. Double-click Security User Modules.
  12. Right-click on each Security User > Delete.
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