Loading option module firmware using SFTP

Upload firmware to your meter’s option modules by loading the firmware upgrade file onto your meter’s internal SFTP site. Each option module must be upgraded individually.

Required for this procedure:

  • Option module firmware upgrade (.S19) file(s). Go to www.se.com to download upgrade files.
  • Option module is connected to the meter.

  • Access to meter’s internal SFTP site.

The meter’s digital and analog outputs may change state during a firmware upgrade. Option modules are offline during an option module firmware upgrade. They will not communicate to the meter and the outputs may change state during the upgrade process.

Unintended Operation
Do not use this device for critical control or protection of persons, animals, property or equipment.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.
NOTE: If your meter’s option module loses power during firmware upload, the option module will revert to its original firmware and you will have to reload the firmware file.
  1. Connect to your meter’s internal SFTP site. Open the option module upgrade (optionModuleUpg) folder.
  2. Drag the option module firmware file into the option module upgrade folder.
    The file is immediately transferred to the option module, and is not stored on the meter.
  3. Review the option module firmware upgrade details stored in the meter’s event log to confirm that the upload was successful. The upgrade folder must match the position of the option module (A through D).
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