Configuring HSTC logging using ION Setup

Configure data set and waveform logging using ION Setup.
To set different conditions:
  1. Open ION Setup and select the Setup Assistant for your meter.
  2. Click Power Quality > HSTC logging.
  3. Select the data log and click Edit.
    The HSTC Logging Wizard displays
  4. Set the Data Set Depth to the number of records to keep
  5. Click Next.
    ION Setup prompts you if the number of records exceeds file size limits. Enter a lower number, then click Next to proceed.
  6. Set the waveform storage Log Depth to the number of waveforms to keep. The total duration of log storage in milliseconds (ms) is displayed consistent with the Log Depth setting.
    ION Setup prompts you if the Log Depth setting exceeds the recommended memory allocation.
  7. Click Finish to return to the HSTC Logging tab.
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