Enabling and configuring HSTC alarms using ION Setup

  1. Open ION Setup and select the Setup Assistant for your meter.
  2. Click Alarming > Transient.
  3. Select High Speed Transient and click Edit. The High Speed Transient Setup window is displayed.
  4. View or modify parameters:
  5. Click Save. ION Setup performs a configuration check and displays a message if the Magnitude Threshold setting is below the configured nominal voltage.
Setup Register Value/Range Description
Enabled/Disabled Enabled, Disabled Specifies if HS Transient capture is enabled.
Voltage Reference Ve, Vn Determines the voltage reference. Set the voltage reference to match your system configuration.
Magnitude Threshold (VRMS) 120–7100 Specifies the absolute voltage threshold that must be exceeded to trigger a HS transient capture.
NOTE: This value is entered in RMS volts.
Duration Threshold (μs) 0–250.0 Specifies the length of time that the magnitude threshold must be exceeded to trigger a HS transient capture. If this register is set to zero, any voltage that exceeds the magnitude threshold will trigger a HS transient capture.
Alarm Priority None, Info Only, Low, Medium, High Select the alarm priority you want to associate with the HS transient alarms. To stop an alarm from being displayed without affecting other meter features, set the alarm priority to Info Only.
Custom Priority 0–255 Select custom priority to view and configure the priority associated with the alarm. The event log cutoff value is displayed for reference. Event priorities above the cutoff are stored in the meter’s event log.
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