Viewing HSTC waveforms using ION Setup

Use the ION Setup waveform viewer to plot captured waveform logs.
  1. Open ION Setup and select your meter.
  2. Click View > Data Screens.
  3. Go to the High Speed Transient Capture folder, then select the HSTC Waveform log.
    The HSTC Waveform log displays. A progress bar at the bottom of the screen indicates when all waveform logs have been retrieved from the meter.
    NOTE: Records are sorted by Start Date/Time, with the newest entries appearing at the top.

  4. Select the data to plot:
    1. Select the record you want to view.
    2. Hold the SHIFT key while selecting the first and last entries to plot multiple records in the same view.
  5. Click the chart icon to plot the selected records.
    A Chart Properties box opens.
  6. Click OK.
    The HSTC Waveform Plot displays.
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