Configuring onboard digital inputs using ION Setup

You can use ION Setup to configure your meter’s digital inputs.
  1. Start ION Setup.
  2. Open the Setup Assistant for your meter.
  3. Navigate to Onboard I/O > Digital Inputs. The tabs correspond to each digital input. Click on the tab for the digital input you want to edit.
  4. Configure the digital input by selecting the parameter and clicking Edit.
  5. Once the parameter has been configured, click OK to save the setting to the meter.
    Parameter Value/range Description
    Input Mode

    Pulse, KYZ, A/C,


    Specifies how the meter processes the signal:

    • Pulse: the meter counts an entire pulse (from off-on to on-off) as one input.

    • KYZ: the meter counts a transition (from off-on or from on-off) as one input.

    • A/C: the meter detects analog signals where the ON condition is based on the presence of an AC signal.

    • IRIG-B1: the meter detects an IRIG-B time synchronization signal.

    Polarity Inverting/Non-Inverting Specifies if the signal from the digital port is inverted or not inverted.
    Debounce 0.000–1.000 Specifies how long (in seconds) the signal must remain in a state to be considered a valid state change.
    Assigned Port Defined by your meter’s hardware Your meter’s physical digital input port.
    EventLog Mode Log Off/Log On Specifies if events generate log entries.
    State OFF/ON Indicates the status of the digital input.
    1 IRIG-B can only be connected to one of the onboard digital inputs, not an option module. You must also configure your meter’s clock to use IRIG-B time synchronization.
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