Loading remote display firmware using ION Setup

This procedure is specific to meters with a remote display.
The original file had the following short description. “This procedure is specific to the DIN meters with a remote display, and cannot be performed on meters with an integrated display.”

You can load updates to your meter’s remote display firmware using ION Setup over an Ethernet connection.

You must have:

  • Your meter’s Remote Display firmware file (.BIN). You can download update files from www.schneider-electric.com.

  • The remote display connected to your meter.

  • SFTP access to your meter from the computer running ION Setup.

NOTE: If your meter’s remote display loses power during firmware upload, the display will revert to its original firmware and you will have to reload the firmware file.
  1. Obtain the Remote Display firmware file (.BIN) that you want to load onto your display. Save the files where they can be accessed by the computer running ION Setup.
  2. Start ION Setup.
  3. Open the Setup Assistant for your meter.
  4. Select the Template screen.
  5. Click the Firmware Upgrade tab, then click Upgrade. Enter your meter’s password (if prompted) and click OK.
  6. Navigate to where you have stored the remote display firmware. Select the Remote Display firmware file (*.BIN) as the file type.
  7. Select the remote display firmware (.BIN) file and click Open.
  8. Enter your ION Setup password when prompted and click OK.

A dialog box describes the firmware upgrade progress, verifies the firmware, and finishes with an overview stating whether the firmware was successfully uploaded.

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