Configuring Transient logging

Use ION Setup to configure your meter to log data and waveform records related to voltage transient events, and to export the waveform data to COMTRADE files.
NOTE: Transient Log (Data Rec 15) records voltage transient related data.

To set up the Transient Log, Transient Waveform Log and Transient COMTRADE files:

  1. Start ION Setup.
  2. Open the Setup Assistant for your meter.
  3. Navigate to Power Quality > Transient Logging.
  4. Select the data log and click Edit. Enter the meter password if prompted.
    The Transient Logging Wizard appears.
  5. The Device setting verification screen displays the results of meter configuration check for potential errors related to transient monitoring and reporting. Click Fix to view details, or click Next to ignore the results and proceed to the next screen.
  6. The Transient Logging Setup screen displays Transient data recorder’s Log Depth setting. You can change the maximum number of records to store in the Transient data log. Click Next to proceed to the next screen.
  7. The Waveform Log Setup screen allows you to configure the waveform recorder for Standard or Delayed waveform capture.
    NOTE: The Transient Logging Wizard does not support Extended waveform capture. See “Waveform capture” for details on Standard, Delayed and Extended waveform capture.
    Parameter Description
    Waveform Depth Specifies the maximum number of waveform records stored on the meter.
    Waveform Format Specifies the number of samples per cycle and the number of cycles that are stored in a waveform record.
    Trigger Position Specifies the number of cycles to capture before the waveform versus after the waveform. Trigger position can be set using the pre-cycle arrows or the slider bar.
    NOTE: The maximum number of cycles (pre-event + post-event) cannot exceed the total number of cycles in the waveform format.
    Click Next.
  8. Configure your meter’s COMTRADE settings:
    1. Select or clear the Generate COMTRADE files check box to enable or disable the creation of COMTRADE records.

      NOTE: The waveform viewer on your meter’s webpages uses the meter’s COMTRADE files. If you want to view waveforms on the meter’s webpages, select Generate COMTRADE files.
      NOTE: The factory-default configuration for COMTRADE only supports Standard waveform capture.

    2. Set the Log depth for the COMTRADE files to specify the maximum number of records stored on your meter’s internal SFTP site.
  9. Click Finish.

    You are returned to the Transient Logging screen and the entry shows your new configuration.

    If nothing happens when you click Finish, check the log depths and buffer depths for all your other data logs to make sure that the meter has enough memory for these changes. Adjust the log depth and buffer depth of the data and waveform recorders if needed.

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