Performing meter resets using the meter webpages

You can perform meter resets using the meter webpages.

Meter resets clear the meter’s onboard data logs and related information.

Ensure all important data from the device has been retrieved before performing a reset.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in data loss.

  1. Connect to your meter’s webpages.
  2. Control > Resets.
  3. Click Reset for the values you want to clear.
    Parameter Description
    Master Reset
    • Clears all cumulative and derived quantities from the meter, including: demand, peak demand, energy, revenue and test mode parameters.

    • Clears meter event and waveform logs.

    • Clears COMTRADE waveform records stored in the meter’s internal SFTP site.

    • Clears meter data logs.

    Peak Demand Reset

    Clears meter peak demand values.

    NOTE: The peak demand reset has a lockout period that sets the minimum time allowed between consecutive resets.
    Min/Max Reset Clears all accumulated maximum and minimum values stored in the meter.
    Digital Input Count Reset Clears the digital input status change counters.
    Harmonics Min/Max Reset Clears all accumulated maximum and minimum harmonics values stored in the meter.
    Disturbance Count Reset Clears the sag/swell event counter. The sag/swell event counter counts the number of sag/swells that have occurred since power-up or the last reset to provide power quality information to energy management systems.
    EN50160 Reset Clears all EN50160 parameters and statistics accumulated in the meter.
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