Assigning a designated reader for event log notification

A user can be assigned the role of designated reader for the event log.

When the Designated Reader is configured, an entry in the event log is considered unread until it has been reviewed or backed up to external storage by the designated reader. When the designated reader is informed that the event log is nearly full, an event log review or backup strategy can be implemented before older entries are overwritten. This feature can assist in ensuring that event log entries are not overwritten before they can be reviewed. Use ION Setup to select a user to be the designated reader.

  1. Open advanced configuration mode for your meter. See the ION Setup Help for instructions.
  2. Open the EventLogCtl Modules folder and double click EventLogCtl.
  3. Enter login credentials as necessary.
  4. Click the Setup Registers tab
  5. Select Designated Reader and click Edit.
  6. Set Designated Reader to the user that reviews the event log (USER0 - USER50) and click OK.
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