Network protocol control using ION Setup

Use ION Setup to enable, disable or change the port number of the network protocols supported on your meter.

When configuring communications parameters, ensure you maintain at least one communication path that allows full access to your device; otherwise, you may permanently lose the ability to change your device’s configuration and access to additional data.

Loss of access
Ensure you maintain sufficient access to communicate with and configure your device.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in loss of access to the device.

  1. Open the Setup Assistant for your meter.

    See the ION Setup Help for instructions.

  2. Select Communications > Advanced Ethernet and click the Protocols tab.

    Enter your login credentials as required.

  3. Select a protocol from the list and click Edit.
  4. Select the Enabled check box to enable the port. Clear the check box to disable the port.
    NOTE: The IEC61850 port is enabled when a valid CID file is uploaded to the meter. The port is disabled by removing the CID file.
    NOTE: For EtherGate functionality, the EtherGate protocol must be enabled and the applicable serial port set to EtherGate.
  5. Select a port number from the Port Number drop-down list or by clicking in the Port Number field and entering a port number.
  6. Click OK.

    If multiple ports are set to the same number, ION Setup responds with a message indicating that the port is already in use by another protocol.

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