Configuring digital input alarms using ION Setup

You can use ION Setup to configure the digital alarm settings.
  1. Start ION Setup.
  2. Open the Setup Assistant for your meter.
  3. Navigate to Alarming > Digital Input.
  4. Configure the digital input alarm settings by selecting an input and clicking Edit. Some settings are not configurable and are grayed out.
  5. Click Save to save the changes to the meter.
    Parameter Value/Range Description
    Input Input On/Input Off

    Specifies the input state/alarm behavior:

    • Input On: the alarm is on when the digital input is on.

    • Input Off: the alarm is on when the digital input is off.

    Force Off Checked/Unchecked

    Forcing the alarm off disables all functions of the associated input.

    To stop an alarm from being displayed without affecting digital input features, set the alarm priority to Info Only.

    Label String value When available, lets you modify the default label so it more clearly identifies the alarm. Letters, numbers, and underscores are permitted.
    Alarm Priority None, Info Only, Low, Medium or High Specifies the priority level of the digital input alarm. To disable the alarm, set priority to Info Only.
    Custom Priority 0–255 Select custom priority to view and configure the event priority of the event associated with the alarm. The event log cutoff value is displayed for reference; event priorities above the cutoff are stored in the meter’s event log.
    Related topics • See “Alarms overview” on page 147 for more information about your meter’s alarms and alarm configuration.
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