Display overview

The display allows you to view meter data and perform basic configuration.

NOTE: The display backlight dims after a defined period of inactivity. When the meter detects an unacknowledged active high priority alarm, the display flashes until the alarm is acknowledged.


  A Display port
  B Optional 24 V DC AUX power input (label not pictured)
  C Date and time
  D Mode indicator
  E Revenue lock icon
  F Alarm icon
  G Touch-screen display
  H USB ports cover
  I USB host port (Type A)
  J USB device port (Mini-B)
  K Home button
  L Power/status LED, green or red
  M Alarm LED, red
  N VAR visible energy pulsing LED, orange
  O VAR infrared energy pulsing LED, 940 nm
  P Watt visible energy pulsing LED, orange
  Q Watt infrared energy pulsing LED, 940 nm
  R ANSI optical port
  S IEC optical port adapter (optional)

Mode indicator

The display mode indicator identifies whether the meter is in normal (NORM), alternate display (ALT) or test (TEST) mode.

Home button

Press the Home button to access display menus or return to the active menu.

Press the Home button twice to access the last data screen displayed or the Summary screen, if in ALT mode.

The function of the home button varies:

  • NORM mode: Displays Energy and Demand screens.

  • ALT mode: Displays ALT mode display and setup menus. Select Normal Display Mode from the ALT display menu to exit the ALT display mode.

  • TEST mode: Displays Test mode and Setup menus.

  • Setup Menu: Displays active menu item.

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