The firmware version 2.1.0 (V002.001.000) upgrade package consists of the following items:

Meter firmware

The meter firmware upgrade must be performed in the following order:

  • V001.088.000.upg (PM8000 series and ION7400 series only) or V002.000.100.upg (ION9000 series only)

    This is the firmware upgrade file that restructures the memory and file system architecture for more efficient file handling and storage, and prepares the meter for the v2.1.0 firmware upgrade.

  • V002.001.000.upx

    This is the firmware upgrade file that updates your meter to firmware version 2.1.0. Future meter firmware upgrades support only the UPX file format.

  • UpgradeAgent_V002.001.000.upx

    This firmware upgrade file preserves the integrity of the meter firmware and conditions the meter to facilitate more efficient upgrades in the future. Meter firmware upgrades later than v2.1.0 can proceed only after the meter has been updated with the upgrade agent firmware.

Factory meter template

The meter template is typically selected with the meter firmware files.

  • v2.1.0_FAC-PQ_V2.

    This meter template provides updated ION modules and links to support the new features in the meter with firmware v2.1.0.

Remote display firmware

After upgrading your DIN rail-mount meter to firmware version 2.1.0, the remote display screen shows a troubleshooting icon indicating a firmware update is required.

  • rmdupg_rd96_004.000.010.bin

    This display firmware upgrade updates the PM89RD96 remote display to be compatible with DIN rail-mount meters with firmware v2.1.0 or later.

  • rmdupg_rd96s_001.000.000.patch.bin

    Some PM89RD96 displays require a two-step firmware upgrade for compatibility with the ION9000 series meter or PM8000/ION7400 series DIN rail-mount meters with firmware v2.1.0 or later. The PM89RD96 display must be upgraded with the rmdupg_rd96s_001.000.000_patch.bin file before proceeding with the rmdupg_rd96_004.000.010.bin display firmware upgrade file.

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