IEC 61850 GGIO Cust DI Module

The IEC 61850 GGIO Custom Digital module can be configured to map up to 16 user-selected ION Boolean register values into IEC 61850 digital values.

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Only one instance of this module can exist. Because this module is specific to supporting the IEC 61850 protocol, it can be deleted if IEC 61850 is not required.

For more information about IEC 61850, please refer to the IEC 61850 and ION Technology protocol document.

NOTE: The registers and settings available in this module depend on the device or node you are configuring, as well as its firmware and template versions. Not all registers or settings are available on all devices or the Virtual Processor, and labels may vary.


The GGIO Custom Digital module is configurable Power Monitoring Expert or ION Setup software to map up to 16 digital values from ION to IEC 61850.

Digital Input 1-16

These registers can be connected to any boolean register.

Setup registers

The GGIO Custom Digital module has no setup registers.

Output registers

These registers are formatted and named according to IEC 61850 protocol standards. Modifying these register labels may cause issues with your IEC 61850 data.

Ind1.stVal ... Ind16.stVal

These registers contain the Digital Input 1 - 16 input values.


Events produced by the module are recorded in the Event register. Possible events and their associated priority numbers are shown in the following table.

Event priority group Priority Description
Reset 5 A module reset has occurred.
Setup Change 10 Input links, setup registers or labels have changed.
Information 25 not available input caused output to go not available.

The Event output register stores the following information for each ION event: time stamp, priority, cause, effect, and any values or conditions associated with the cause and effect.

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