ION Module Advanced Features

This section provides detailed information on more advanced features of ION modules and brief instructions on using Designer.

Module update rate

The update (refresh) rate for a standard ION module is once per second. Some ION devices are equipped with high speed ION modules that can update as often as once every half-cycle. If you link a standard ION module to a high speed ION module, the update rate is determined by the slower module. To take advantage of the fast update rate, only choose high speed modules in your high speed framework.

NOTE: The number of high speed modules is limited, so use them only when necessary.

Time-sensitive modules

Some ION module setup registers require you to specify a time interval. For a standard module with an update rate of once per second, choose a value that is a multiple of this update rate (e.g., 1s, 2s, 3s, etc.).

Since high speed modules update every cycle (or every half-cycle in some ION devices), make sure you specify a time interval that allows for frequency drifts. If the frequency drifts to a higher value, the module updates faster. Therefore, specify a value that is slightly faster than the module update rate. For example, if a high speed module is used on a 60 Hz system and the module updates once per cycle, you must specify a time interval that is slightly faster than the module update rate (i.e., a value lower than 16.7 milliseconds).

Event priorities

Every event that occurs inside an ION module is recorded and has a particular priority number assigned to it. In general, a severe event is assigned a higher number than a normal or typical event.

The events are arranged and prioritized by the Event Log Controller module. You can set a priority cutoff for event logging; any event that is equal or less than the cutoff value you specify is ignored/discarded. This allows you to eliminate unnecessary records that would otherwise appear in the Event Log.

The table below shows an example of how different ION events are categorized and prioritized. Events are grouped according to type and severity.

Event priority group Priority Description
Reset 5 Module reset or re-synchronized
Setup Change 10 Module setup changes (setup register changes, label changes, input handle changes)
Input Register Change 15 Inputs of certain modules change value (e.g., input to And/Or module changes)
I/O State Change 20 I/O state changes (e.g., relay closes)
Information 25 Module produces important user information
Warning 30 Module produces a notification
EN50160 Event 50 An EN50160 Counter has increased (This event only applies to ION devices with EN50160 statistics monitoring capabilities.)
Failure 255 A serious problem has occurred
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