Loading webpages using ION Setup

Required for this procedure:

  • Webpage files in the upgrade .zip folder. Go to www.se.com to download upgrade files.

  • Meter connection using SFTP client application.

  1. Obtain the webpage upgrade files (.zip folder) that you want to upload onto your meter. Save the files where they can be accessed by the computer running ION Setup.
  2. Start ION Setup.
  3. Open the Setup Assistant for your meter.
  4. Select Template > Web.
    NOTE: You can preview meter webpages using the Test Web Viewing feature. Select an IP addressing method from the drop-down menu to generate a test link using your default web browser.
  5. Click Upload to navigate to the folder (.zip) containing the meter upgrade files. Select the folder and click Open
  6. An ION Setup dialog box will open. Click Yes to confirm uploading of the webpage files.
    NOTE: The upload process replaces files with matching filenames only.
Confirmation of uploaded files will be displayed in the bottom status bar.
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