Sample data viewing webpage

You can create custom data viewing webpages using the sample webpage stored on your meter.

The sample webpages are stored in the documents folder on your meter’s internal SFTP site.

Your meter’s Modbus register map is available from www.se.com.

If required, your meter’s ION handles document is packaged with the meter firmware file which is available for download from www.se.com.

The data viewing webpage must be stored on your meter’s internal SFTP site in the folder for Monitoring. The custom webpage is viewed by selecting the Monitoring main menu tab on your meter’s webpage.

Configuring the HTML code other than where described is an advanced procedure and should only be performed by those with an advanced understanding of webpages and how your meter processes them.

Sample webpage data viewing result

NOTE: This graphic is representative only, and your meter’s webpages may appear different than shown.
A HTML filename
B Content pane title
C Row heading
D Units
E Column heading
F Named register instantaneous value
G Second content pane A title
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