New firmware version 2.2.1

New and updated features in firmware version 2.2.1 (V002.002.001) apply to the following devices:
  • ION9000 series meters, including ION9000T models

  • PM8000 series meters

  • ION7400 series meters

Secure protocols

Firmware version 2.2.1 supports secure file transfer protocol (SFTP). SFTP completely replaces FTP. SFTP adds a layer of encryption, through secure socket shell (SSH), that helps prevent unauthorized access, uploads and downloads to the meter. SFTP is used for uploading web pages, transferring COMTRADE files, and for upgrading I/O modules and remote displays.

NOTE: FTP and Telnet protocols are no longer supported.

DNP inactivity timeout

Firmware version 2.2.1 includes a new setup register that you can use to configure DNP timeouts.

Use the Inactivity Timeout register to define how long a meter waits before timing out after no DNP traffic is detected on the port.

NOTE: This timeout only applies if the communications port is set to ethernet.

For more information on the DNP Slave Options module, refer to the latest ION Reference (November 2019 or later revision), available from the website.

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