Advanced Ethernet Settings

Configuring Advanced Ethernet Settings

This page allows you to configure the advanced Ethernet settings.

Only qualified personnel should modify the advanced Ethernet settings of the Link150 gateway. Perform such modifications only after you have read and understood the advanced Ethernet settings.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage.





From the Link150 menu bar, click Settings.

Opens the Settings menu.


From the Settings menu, in the Communication submenu, click Advanced Ethernet Setting.

Displays the advanced Ethernet settings.


Configure the advanced Ethernet settings, and then click Apply Changes.

Updates Link150 Ethernet and TCP/IP settings.

NOTE: Click the Defaults button to change the advanced Ethernet settings to default value.

List of Link150 Advanced Ethernet Settings




Time to Live

Identifies the number of routers a TCP packet can pass.

1 to 255 (hops)

60 hops (Factory setting)

Enable TCP Keep Alive

Allows you to enable or disable the TCP keep alive transmissions. If disabled, the keep alive packets do not get sent and the connection remains open untill it gets closed.

  • Enabled (Factory setting)

  • Disabled


A timer that detects when a connected device on an idle connection becomes unavailable due to events such as a reboot or shutdown.

1 to 65,000 s

30 s (Factory setting)

ARP Cache Timeout

Allows you to specify how long the entries can be kept in the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache.

1 to 65,000 m

15 m (Factory setting)

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