Overview of Available Micrologic X Control Unit Protection Functions

The Masterpact MTZ protection functions included in the control unit provide overcurrent, short-circuit, and ground-fault protection.

An embedded power meter offers the measurement parameters required to optimize energy management.

The optional digital modules offer upgrades to the Protection, Measurement, and Maintenance & Diagnostics functions.

The information processed and stored by the Micrologic X control unit is accessible by:

  • The embedded human-machine interface (HMI) with colored backlight.

  • Using smartphones via Bluetooth™ technology and near-field communication (NFC).

  • Using an external personal computer (PC) through a universal serial bus (USB) connection.

Connection to Ethernet is achieved with dedicated interface modules: the Ethernet Interface (IFE) or the Embedded Ethernet Interface for Drawout Masterpact MTZ device (EIFE).

Connection to the Modbus SL (RTU) is achieved with the Modbus Interface Module (IFM). For more information, consult Schneider Electric.

Layout of the Micrologic X Control Unit

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