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Factory Assembled Equipment

Square D™ PowerLogic™ Factory Assembled Equipment offers a wide range of designs for metering, communications, and control applications to simplify retrofit installations. Our equipment is designed to order as a free-standing or wallmounted system. With PowerLogic™ Factory Assembled Equipment, you’ll receive professionally crafted, factory tested, pre-wired equipment that will greatly improve the speed of your system startup. All backed by the Square D™ quality standard of excellence.

  • Assemblies include meters & devices wired to terminal blocks, disconnects, and shorting blocks or test switches

  • Tailored to any system voltage :

    • 208/120 V, 480/277 V & 600/347 V Wye

    • 240 V, 480 V & 600 V Delta

    • Utilization of PT's required for higher voltage levels

  • Wall mountable and easy to install using concealed holes in the back of the enclosure.

  • Complete with necessary documentation and mounting hardware for quick and easy installation

  • Carbon steel construction, with industry standard ANSI 61 gray powder coat finish

  • Equipped with concealed hinged door, and universal pad-lockable latch.

  • Custom engraved nameplates available for all units.

Industrial Enclosure Types 12 & 4, UL & CUL 508A Listed

Available Meter Types Digital Inputs Digital Outputs Analog Inputs Analog Outputs
ION6200 N/A Up to 2/ Meter N/A N/A
PM5563RD Up to 4 / Meter Up to 2 / Meter N/A N/A
PM8244 Up to 15 / Meter Up to 5 / Meter Up to 4 / Meter Up to 2 / Meter
  • Supports Single or Multiple Voltage Sources for Indoor (Types 1 and 12) & Outdoor (Type 4) applications

  • Available with 1–4 meters per panel. Serial & Ethernet Communications are options for all units

  • EGX & ION RTU Communication Enclosures with 1–4 devices per panel also available

Light Industrial Enclosure Type 1, UL & CUL 508A Listed

  • Available for the following meter types: PM8244, PM5563RD, and ION6200

  • Supports Single Voltage Source only for Indoor (Type 1) applications.

  • Available with 1–12 meters per panel. Serial Communications are standard for all units.

  • No Digital or Analog I/O is available for this option.

Service Entrance/Utility Socket Enclosure Type 3R, UL & CUL 508A Listed

  • Available for ION8650 only, with up to 3 Digital Inputs and 4 Digital Outputs.

  • Supports Single Voltage Source only for Indoor & Outdoor (Type 3R) applications.

  • Units are Ring Type with removable cover.

  • Available with 1 meter per panel. Serial & Ethernet Communications options available.

  • Supports Form 9S, 35S, 36S, 39S and 76S configurations for ION8600 and forms 9S and 36S for E5600.

  • Options available for remote mounted CTs

  • Options available for integrated, bar type CTs

  • Optional Test Switch.

Additional engineered to order products are available for a wide variety of design solutions.

  • Switchgear Transfer Control Panels

  • Generator Control Panels

  • Load Shed Control Panels

  • Sequence of Events Recording (SER) Panels

  • Control System Mimic Panels

  • Lighting Control Interface Panels

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Control Panels (Hot Standby, Relay Control, Data Concentration etc. ...)

  • Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS) Control Panels

  • Water, Air, Gas, Electrical, and Steam (WAGES) Monitoring Panels

  • Input Status Monitoring & Alarming Panels

  • Remote Annunciator Control Panels

  • Remote Operator Control Panels

  • Serial, Ethernet, and Cellular Wireless Systems

  • Server Rack and Network Equipment (Servers, Switches, UPS’s) for Energy Management Systems.

  • Industrialized PC’s, Touch Screens (Magelis), and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s) with Custom System Graphics.

  • Designed to fit any environment – Indoor (Type 1 & 12) & Outdoor (Type 3R & 4) applications

For additional information and pricing please contact your local PowerLogic sales specialist or PowerLogic Inside Sales Support at 615-287-3535. Equipment pricing and literature available for download on our website at

To better serve you please have the following information on hand when calling.

  • Enclosure type (Indoor or Outdoor) and Environment details (Corrosive or Non-Corrosive)

  • Power System Voltage Level and Type (Direct Current (DC) or Alternating Current (AC))

  • Digital & Analog Input and Output requirements

  • Device Type and Quantity per enclosure

  • Ethernet and Serial Communication Requirements

  • For Drawout Retrofits, need existing cradle type (i.e. GE, Westinghouse, etc.)

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