Externally Mounted Surge Protective Devices

SurgeLogic™ Type EMA

EMA Series SPDs

SurgeLogic™ Type EMA series SPDs offer a full range of externally mounted surge suppression solutions. These units are designed to provide surge suppression from service entrance panels to point-of-use equipment.

US and Canadian UL® Listed to the UL 1449 standard. Complies with requirements of NEC® Article 285 and CSA 22.2 No. 8-M1986 as appropriate. Complies with UL 96A 12th Edition Master Label requirements for Lightning Protection Systems.

  • 10 year product warranty

  • 10 modes of protection

  • 200 kA SCCR

  • EMI/RFI filtering

  • Audible alarm with enable/disable switch, dry contacts and surge counter standard

  • Indicator LEDs; normal (green) and fault condition (red) for each phase

  • UL 1449 Type 1 to be used in both Type 1 and Type 2 applications

Remote Monitor

  • Standard. UL 1449 Type 1 SPDs can be located at any point in the electrical system, on the line or load side of the equipment overcurrent device.

  • Remote Monitor. This option displays the alarm status of the surge protective device up to 1000 feet from the unit.

EMA SPD products feature a design based on replaceable modules for a flexible, cost effective way to achieve superior surge suppression at every level of the electrical distribution system. Modularity results in lower life cycle costs and fast, easy service or replacement.

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