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Class 2200

Energy Control Center

Prepare your building for the Future of Energy

Energy Control Centers provide a flexible, resilient and scalable way to distribute and control electric power flow between a utility grid, Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and the electric loads at a site.

The Energy Control Center Implements all Three Layers of EcoStruxure

An Energy Control Center with edge control enables Photo Voltaic to operate during an outage by using an alternate anchor resource such as a genset or lithium ion battery storage system.

During an outage, if there is too much Photo Voltaic power, the edge controller will reduce the Photo Voltaic power in order to prevent backfeeding a genset or a storage battery that is already full.

Conversely, if there is not enough power available from a site’s DER’s, the edge controller will shed load(s) intelligently.

The final layer maximizes the ROI of the DER’s deployed at the site.


  • Works with numerous types and brands of DERs for easier adaptation into an existing building.

  • Future ready design – adaptability allows for future facility expansion and integration of additional DERs at a later date.


Schneider Electric has Energy Control Center configurations that meet your needs ranging from 800 A through 2500 A.

Technical Features

  • Compatible with any type of distributed energy resource

  • Sections rated to 5000 A horizontal bus, 3000 A vertical bus

  • Single mains to 5000 A

  • Six subdivision mains to 4000 A

  • Individually mounted feeders to 4000 A

  • Suitable for service entrance or distribution

  • NEMA Type 1, NEMA 3R

  • Front accessible or front and rear accessible

  • 98 in. (2489 mm) high with base channels

  • Section widths available: 12 in. (305 mm), 24 in. (610 mm), 30 in. (762 mm), 36 in. (914 mm), 42 in. (1067 mm), 48 in. (1219 mm), or 54 in. (1372 mm) wide

  • Frame depths available: 24 in. (610 mm), 36 in. (914 mm), 48 in. (1219 mm), 54 in. (1372 mm), or 60 in. (1524 mm)

  • Voltage to 600 Vac or 250 Vdc

  • Factory assembled

  • Hot or cold sequence utility metering

  • Customer metering

  • Surge protective devices (SPD)

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