Class 2230 / Refer to Document 2230DB0601

Standby Power Connection Solutions

The Standby Power Quick-Connect (SPQ) Tap Box provides a reliable solution to quickly and safely connect to a portable standby power generator. Two versions of the SPQ Tap Box have been designed and tested to the required UL standard and offer a wider range of solutions for our customers. All SPQ Tap Boxes are NEMA 3R-rated.

SPQ Cam-Lock Tap Box

SPQ Cam-Lock Tap Box

  • UL listed - UL 1008 SB

  • NEMA Type 3R enclosure
    (can be used for NEMA Type 1 installations)

  • Lockable door for safety and control access

  • Mechanical lugs to standby power disconnect

  • Color-coded cam-lock connectors for generator connection

  • Hinged bottom access door for cam-lock connection

  • Barriers over mechanical lugs for safety

  • Application:

    • 400 A and 600 A available

    • 240 V and 480 V versions available

    • Three-phase + neutral + ground

  • SPQCL204RS – 400 A, 208Y/120 V
    3-phase, 4-wire + ground wire

  • SPQCL404RS – 400 A, 480Y/277 V
    3-phase, 4-wire + ground wire

  • SPQCL206RS – 600 A, 208Y/120 V
    3-phase, 4-wire + ground wire

  • SPQCL406RS – 600 A, 480Y/277 V
    3-phase, 4-wire + ground wire

SPQ Lug-Lug Tap Box

SPQ Lug-Lug Tap Box

  • UL listed—UL 1773 (cUL listed also)

  • NEMA Type 3R enclosure
    (can be used for NEMA Type 1 installations)

  • Lockable door for safety and control access

  • Mechanical lugs to standby power disconnect

  • Generator connection lugs rated for Type W cable

  • Application:

    • 400 A and 800 A available

    • 600 V maximum

    • Three-phase + neutral + ground

  • SPQTB604RS – 400 A, 600 V max.
    3-phase, 4-wire + ground wire

  • SPQTB608RS – 800 A, 600 V max.
    3-phase, 4-wire + ground wire

Submetering Integrated Power Center

Submetering Integrated Power Center

The Submetering Integrated Power Center (IPC) is an ideal solution for multi-tenant or departmental metering applications. It combines the ability to meter multiple feeder breakers inside a pre-wired enclosure. The Submetering IPC offers significant space and labor savings by replacing individually enclosed, mounted, and wired panels and metering components and providing an integrated solution in one enclosure/lineup including:

  • Panelboards

  • PowerLogic™ EM4800 Multi-Circuit Energy Meters and associated CTs

  • Surge Suppression

  • Factory-installed wiring between components

Submetering IPC width and height dimensions vary depending on the application. All sections are 10.5 in. (266.7 mm) deep.

Typical applications for Submetering IPC equipment include:

  • Office towers

  • Condominiums

  • Apartment buildings

  • Shopping centers

  • Other multi-user environments

  • Configurations with 2-PowerLogic EM4800 meters plus Ethernet switch when required based on the number of metered points

Integrated Power Center 2

Integrated Power Center 2

The Integrated Power Center 2 (IPC2™) provides maximum design flexibility. In addition to the features found in the Integrated Power Center (IPC), IPC2 lineups are free-standing enclosures that can be front and rear-aligned. IPC2 has the ability to incorporate:

  • Panelboards: I-Line, NF, and NQ

  • Transformers: 300 kVA(max)

    • K-rated also available; may limit max kVA size of transformer

  • Individually mounted circuit breakers

  • Surge Suppression: SPD integral to panel and/or separately mounted

  • Automatic Transfer Switch: Open type 400 A 3-pole maximum including a variety of options

  • Lighting Controls: Powerlink™ or lighting contactors

  • PowerLogic™ Monitoring / Metering: power meters, circuit monitors, branch circuit monitoring, and system display meters

  • Building Management Systems

As a stand-alone solution, the IPC2 family provides the flexibility to enter and/or exit the section from either the top or bottom. IPC2 is offered in a variety of widths and depths:

  • 24–48 in. (610–1219 mm) Wide

  • 24–36 in. (610–915 mm) Deep

Typical applications for IPC2 equipment include:

  • Schools/Universities

  • Office buildings

  • Data centers

  • Industrial facilities

  • Casinos

  • Hotels

  • Any project with panels and transformers

ICP2 Layout, Lead Time, and Pricing

Contact your local Schneider Electric representative or distributor.

IPC2 Shipping

IPC2 lineups are shipped fully assembled and ready-to-install. Customers may specify single- or multiple-section shipping splits (some limitations apply). In addition, lineups may be ordered with or without factory-installed power cables.

Integrated Power Center 2 Transformer Combo

IPC2 Transformer Combo

For projects having both 480Y/277 V and 208Y/120 V requirements, the Integrated Power Center 2 (IPC2) Transformer Combo is the perfect solution. One of the most popular members of the IPC2 product family, the IPC2 Transformer Combo has been recognized by the industry multiple times for its innovative design.

As a stand-alone solution, the IPC2 Transformer Combo is appropriate when panelboards and transformers are installed in close proximity to each other. It provides the flexibility to enter and/or exit the section from either the top or the bottom. Catalog numbers have been created for some of the more typical configurations.

All IPC2 sections can be close-coupled to QED switchboard, MPS, and IPC products. Enclosure options for IPC2 include NEMA 1, NEMA 1 with driphood, and NEMA 3R-rated, and all meet the requirements of UL 891. These sections are also seismically qualified to meet IBC and ASCE7 requirements.

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