Arc Resistant Switchgear

Class 6055 / Refer to Handouts 6055HO0901

Passive, Arc-Resistant Masterclad™ Medium Voltage Switchgear

Two-high, Masterclad 5–15 kV

Metalclad, Arc-Resistant Switchgear

This switchgear and all its components meet the IEEE C37.20.7 arc-resistant test guideline for Type 2B enclosures as well as all other applicable ANSI, UL, and CSA standards for metalclad switchgear.

Switchgear Construction:

  • Arc exhaust options: vented, arc shield, arc planum and duct

  • High-speed operation—3–cycles

  • Removable (draw-out) circuit breaker

  • Fully compartmentalized construction

  • Grounded metal barriers enclose all live parts

  • Automatic shutters driven by breaker racking mechanism

  • Closed door breaker position indication

  • Closed door breaker racking mechanism

  • Insulated copper main bus

  • Standard glass polyester supports

  • Mechanical interlocks

  • Disconnect type CPT and VT trucks

  • Grounded breaker truck in and between test/disconnected and connected positions

  • Low voltage instrument/control compartment isolated from primary voltage areas

  • Compliance to ANSI standards C37.06, C37.09, C37.013, C37.54 and C37.55 (designed and tested to comply with or exceed ANSI and IEEE standards)


  • Up to 63 kA arc containment for 0.5 seconds

  • Voltage ratings from 2.4 kV to 15 kV up to 4,000 A

  • Type 2B construction, one- and two-high structures

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