Class 6045 / Refer to Catalog 6045CT1601

Premset Compact Vacuum Circuit Breaker Switchgear with Shielded Solid Insulation System (2SIS)

Premset represents the new generation of medium voltage switchgear. It is 15 kV vacuum circuit breaker switchgear technology that takes advantage of the innovative shielded solid insulated system (2SIS). 2SIS creates a three-layered system (medium voltage conductive layer, epoxy insulating layer, and grounded shield layer) throughout the entire switchgear that optimizes performance and increases life expectancy. Premset reduces the opportunity of arc flash or contact with live parts by insulating and screening all live parts in an epoxy dielectric molding. In addition, a grounded shield layer helps reduce the likelihood of exposure to electrical hazards while at the same time better protecting the insulating material from harsh environmental conditions such as moisture, dust, chemicals, and vermin.

Premset delivers a compact architecture that is both modular and flexible. It allows for front-only accessibility (bottom incoming cables) and the smallest 15 kV vacuum circuit breaker footprint on the market. Plug-and-play design of accessories and auxiliaries makes even last minute or field modifications possible. Modular design improves cost savings and optimizes delivery times. Premset’s modular architecture makes it easy to use in design and intuitive to learn for operators.

Listed Metal-Enclosed
Interrupter Switchgear

Premset Ratings

Voltage Class

5 and 15 kV

Bus Current Rating

600 and 1200 A

1200 A

Circuit Breaker Current Rating

100 A

200 A

600 A

1200 A

Maximum Short-Time Interrupting Current

25 kA (2 seconds)

Rated BIL Withstand Voltage

95 kV

Base Dimensions (inches)

14.75 W x 36 D x 65 H

29.5 W x 36 D x 65 H

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