CMM (UL Listed)

Classes 2755, 2756 / Refer to Catalogs 2755CT9501, 2756CT9601

Power-Style Commercial Multi-Metering Switchboards (UL Listed)

  • Designed, built, and listed to UL 891

  • Lever bypass and EUSERC non-lever bypass

  • Hot or cold sequence metering—EUSERC, NEMA, LOCAL

  • Front and rear alignment standard

  • Switchboard ratings through 4000 A, 100 kA

  • Meter sections in either three- or six-socket section configuration

  • Tenant mains either circuit breaker or fusible

  • 60–200 A without lever bypass with self-contained meter sockets, 5- or 7-jaw, ring type and test block where required

  • 60–200 A lever bypass with self-contained meter sockets, 7-jaw, ringless

  • Factory-installed devices with completely wired from meter socket to disconnect

  • Provisions for adding future tenants available, as well as future sections

  • Sections in either NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R construction

  • For use on 120/240 V, 120/208 V, and 277/480 V systems

  • Integrated, front-accessible wireway for top exiting load cables

  • Customer access area for top exiting load cables

Lever Bypass

Class 2755


Class 2756

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